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Juice Junkiez

Juice Junkiez aims to provide our consumers great tasting fruit juice delivered in the most nutritious way possible by offering the ultimate definition of juicing in fruit.

Juice Junkiez provides a variety of tropical fruits which are juiced within its original form making fresh fruit juice imaginative, fun and as natural as it comes containing all naturally occurring sugars, minerals, antioxidants, with minimal oxidation. Not only do we aim to provide mouthwatering juices, we also offer a choice of flavourous mix-ins for our consumers to enjoy.

Juice Junkiez understands the importance of maintaining a health balanced lifestyle as well as recognizing the environmental issues that impact our world on a daily basis. Our intention is to help towards reducing levels of pollution by investing responsibly in biodegradable and compostable items.

Taste the Juice in Fruit

As a company we are committed to producing quality produce serving refreshing fruit juice in a tasty and environmentally friendly way.

We also cater for private functions birthdays, work parties,weddings, holy communions, and baby showers feel free to contact us to find out more details.

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